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    Tablet Monitor / BaroPen

  • Tablet monitor turns your computer into a digital canvas. Use the electronic pen to write naturally on the screen. Create contents by hand and annotate during presentations and lectures. A tablet monitor is perfect for bringing touch interactivity to lecture halls and auditoriums that require large scale projector systems, or when an interactive  display may not be in the budget.

    Audio Components

  • All podiums equip with all kinds of audio component such as gooseneck microphone, wireless microphone, digital amplifier and speakers. (Optional) 

  • - Digital Amplifier  

  • - Gooseneck Mic

  • - Single channel wireless microphone and receiver
    - Dual channel wireless audio receiver and microphones


Model타블렛모니터 ()
화면 크기21.5 Inch Wide
해상도1,920 × 1,080 (Full HD)
PC 연결USB 포트
판서방식전자유도방식(전자펜)  /  전자유도방식(전자펜) + 정전용량 방식(손터치)
입력포트D-Sub / DVI / HDMI  /  RGB / DVI / HDMI
제품크기520(W) x 325(H) x 35(D) ±10 (mm)
공급전원12Vdc / 3.5A